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At our core we are connectors, educators, and Advocates for the treatment and recovery community at large throughout N.C. We seek to eliminate stigma. We embrace all pathways to recovery and healing with dignity and respect for everyone.

Our Vision

To be North Carolina's leading voice for access to quality care for

mental health and substance use challenges.


  • To save lives because people matter...

  • People need assistance to navigate the fragmented system.

  • Stigma and shame prevent people from accessing help.

  • People need an ear. We exist to stand in the gap.



  • We work to Increase Access to care for North Carolinians by providing screenings assessments, and recommendations to treatment for support resources.

  • Through our resource center, we utilize a specialized team of Resource Advocates (some with firsthand experience in recovery) that provide information to recovery support services for individuals who are seeking help state-wide for various substance use disorders. On any given month, our Resource Navigators provide information to between 900 – 1,300 individuals throughout the state of North Carolina. We provide information via phone calls, mobile text messaging, email, and online live chat through our website.



  • We provide Community Education on mental health and substance use disorders. 



  • We Advocate for behavioral health professionals and forward-thinking initiatives to benefit though impacted by addition and mental illness. 



Our Guiding Principles


  • We collaborate.

  • We respect one another.

  • We seek to understand one another before we seek to be understood.

  • We challenge one another to be better 

  • We seek to build bridges even in disagreement.

  • We are introspective and reflective

  • We see, acknowledge and value differences

  • We ask for feedback

  • We can lead and follow

  • We have fun together


  • We do our best and challenge ourselves to learn new skills as needed

  • We understand that things change so we are open minded, flexible and forward thinking.

  • We take initiative for identifying problems and solutions 

  • We see challenges and conflicts as opportunities

  • We each hold ourselves and one another accountable for results

  • We have a strong work ethic… We get the job done

  • We always seek ways to improve

  • we dont maintain. we multiply.

  • We do not ignore pink elephants


  • We are honest with ourselves and with one another

  • We do the right thing

  • We hold ourselves to high ethical and moral standards

  • We are good stewards of our resources ( time, money, energy etc.)

  • We create transparency with our systems and processes

  • We are candid/ We talk straight

  • We take responsibility for our actions and inactions. Our successes and failures.

ADCNC is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization - we operate with support from the NC Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Use Disorder Services, the federal National Guard Bureau and funds from other community organizations and donors.

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