Meet Our Team

Kurtis Taylor​


Executive Director

DH Headshot.png
Darryl Hubbard​


Associate Executive Director

Becca S.png
Becca Sweeting​


Data & Systems Team Lead / Recovery Resource Advocate

Lynn W.png
Lynn Williams​


Recovery Resource Advocate Team Lead

Jude JH.png
Judith Johnson-Hostler​


Perinatal Specialist

Hector M.png
Hector Mendoza

Recovery Resource Advocate (Bilingual) / Talk It Out Ambassador

Brenda M.png
Brenda Monforti​


NC National Guard / Military Services Specialist

Tisha T.png
Tisha Temple​


Recovery Resource Advocate

Our Guiding Principals
  • We collaborate

  • We respect one another

  • We seek to understand one another before we seek to be understood

  • We challenge one another to be better 

  • We seek to build bridges even in disagreement

  • We are introspective and reflective

  • We see, acknowledge and value differences

  • We ask for feedback

  • We can lead and follow

  • We have fun together

  • We do our best and challenge ourselves to learn new skills as needed

  • We understand that things change so we are open minded, flexible and forward thinking.

  • We take initiative for identifying problems and solutions 

  • We see challenges and conflicts as opportunities

  • We each hold ourselves and one another accountable for results

  • We have a strong work ethic… We get the job done

  • We always seek ways to improve

  • we dont maintain. we multiply.

  • We do not ignore pink elephants

  • We are honest with ourselves and with one another

  • We do the right thing

  • We hold ourselves to high ethical and moral standards

  • We are good stewards of our resources ( time, money, energy etc.)

  • We create transparency with our systems and processes

  • We are candid/ We talk straight

  • We take responsibility for our actions and inactions. Our successes and failures.