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NC National Guard

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Brenda Guarda, QP, RCP


Director, NCNG SBIRT Voucher Program





Struggling with Alcohol / Drug use?

What kind of help does this program provide?

Screening and appropriate referrals to support services for alcohol/drug misuse.

How do I get help?

Step 1 - Identify the problem. Do you struggle with misusing alcohol/drugs?

Step 2 - Give us a call

Step 3 - We find a counselor in your area based on your zip code

Step 4 - A counselor in your area will do an assessment to help find out the best method of help for your situation


Q: I need help with stopping use of substances. Can I request a no-cost voucher for myself?

A: YES: At any time you can Self-Refer and request a voucher! In fact, being proactive is commendable.

Q: If I request a no-cost voucher for myself, will my National Guard chain of command be notified?

A: NO: Your National Guard chain of command is NOT notified when you seek help/assistance on your own.  They are only notified if use of the program is mandated due to a unit administered positive urinalysis. 


Q: I am going through the ADC separation process due to a positive result on a unit administered urinalysis. Will I get a no-cost voucher to help me get the assessment I need?

A: YES - The Alcohol Drug Control Office (ADCO) will request a mandatory voucher on your behalf.

Q: I have a family member I am concerned about. Can I request a no-cost voucher for them?

A: Not at this time although we are working on adding this benefit for your family members soon.


Q: I completed the assessment using a no-cost voucher and I have been recommended for Brief Interventions. Will I get continued support to allow me to receive these Brief Interventions?

A: YES: If your provider recommends you get follow-up Brief Interventions, a no-cost Brief Intervention voucher will be assigned so you can get those services at no cost too.

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