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Our Staff

Kurtis Taylor Executive Director


Mr. Kurtis Taylor is a person in long-term recovery. For him, this means that he has not used alcohol or any other drug in over 15 years. He has worked with the evidence-based recovery home model, Oxford House, for more than 14 years. Mr. Taylor obtained his associates degree in Human Services & Substance Use Disorder Counseling from Wake Technical Community College in 2015. He is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in social work from Shaw University, where he will graduate in May of 2019.


For many years, Kurtis Taylor has been a voice for citizens seeking long-term recovery from substance use disorders. He has served as the Chairperson of the NC State Consumer & Family Advisory Committee (NC SCFAC) for two terms. He served as Chairperson for the NC Substance Use Disorder Federation for multiple terms and is currently serving as Vice-Chairperson for the Federation. Mr. Taylor served as an appointed member of Governor Pat McCrory’s Task Force on Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder. He currently serves on the NC Departmental Waiver Advisory Committee (DWAC) and the newly formed board of directors for i2i Center for Integrated Health (formerly the NC Council of Community Programs). Mr. Taylor is also proud to serve as the newest addition to the board of directors for the NC Governor’s Institute on Substance Abuse. 


Presently, Mr. Taylor serves as the executive director of the Alcohol Drug Council of NC, where he is committed to making their information & referral hotline, perinatal and prevention services the best in the country. Under his leadership, the Council respects and embraces all paths to recovery. He is committed to eliminating the stigma attached to the subject of recovery. Mr. Taylor is an extremely vocal advocate for all citizens faced with the challenges that accompany substance use disorders. He is proud to serve at ADCNC.   

Darryl Hubbard Associate Executive Director


Wanda Williams Director of Operations


Wanda started in the human service field in 1997.  In 2007 she was employed with CAARE, Inc. where some of her job responsibilities doing in-takes and HIV testing. During her time there, she got to meet clients when they first decided they wanted treatment. Wanda especially remembers one particular young lady who came in for treatment and she really touched her heart. Watching her go through the program was a great experience for Wanda. She always said "one day at a time" and that one statement has stuck with Wanda for the past 11 years. Today that client is impacting people's lives every day through her existence. Wanda believes that there is no greater joy than to see someone work a program and succeed. Wanda learned a valuable lesson from this client from her “one day at a time” outlook on life. Wanda theory on life is “when you put your Trust in God or your higher power, you can do anything you set your mind to”. Wanda counts that client as a living example of that theory and for that she is grateful. 

Judith Johnson-Hostler, MA, LCAS Coordinator of Perinatal Substance Use Project

Ms. Hostler is a master’s level clinician who has worked in the field of addiction for over 20 years. She obtained her 2nd Master's Degree from North Carolina Central University which is in clinical mental health. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from Thomas Edison State University (Trenton, NJ) and holds a Master’s degree in Psychological Counseling from Monmouth University (Long Branch, NJ).


Presently, Judith is employed at the Alcohol Drug Council of North Carolina as the Coordinator for the state’s Perinatal Substance Use Project.  She is responsible for providing training and care coordination for women seeking residential treatment and serves as a consultant to both the NC Division of Public Health/Women’s Branch of Raleigh and the Division of Mental Health/Development Disability/Substance Abuse Services in the Addictions & Management Operation Section. Her current focus of her work is addressing the opioid epidemic, focusing on pregnancy and women with children with a substance use diagnosis and the importance of integrated care coordination.  

Hector Mendoza I.T. / COMM / Recovery Coach


Danny O'Brian Information & Referral Call Responder


Danny touts that his job “is the best thing that could have happened” to him. Danny expresses daily excitement to come to work. Danny believes in the theory that “helping people helps people”, as his job as an I & R call responder helps him so much in his own recovery. Danny works diligently to give his callers as much information as he can to support their next step in obtaining the help that they are seeking. Danny possesses an affinity for helping others to move forward in their recovery. Danny had experience firsthand the world of active addiction for 40 years and it is through this lived experience that he is able to express empathy and support to others who are struggling with substance use disorder challenges.

Becca Sweeting  Information & Referral Call Responder


Becca is a person in long-term recovery. What this means to Becca is that she has not had a drink or a drug since April 20th, 2014. “I do not have all the answers. I don’t know why sobriety has stuck around with me this time. I have had many attempts at getting sober before now. I cannot tell you that one specific theory of treatment which worked for me, or that I have been cured from addiction. I will tell you that many methods and theories of treatment helped me. I am here because I want to advocate for anything that helps people fighting substance use including medicine, 12 step programs, faith-based programs, counseling, harm reduction, and being in a safe environment. All of these, or some of these options can help you as well. Don’t give up, because any combination of treatments can save your life just like me.” 

Lynn Williams Information & Referral Call Responder


Lynn Williams lives in Raleigh, NC and is a woman in long term recovery. She has worked in the recovery community for many years and is an advocate for those seeking and searching a new way to live well. She is champion for the homeless and women. Lynn truly believes just as Mary Ellen did that "We can get well and stay well for long periods of time"! In addition to being a WRAP facilitator, she is also a Certified Recovery Coach and a Certified Peer Support Specialist. Her proudest accomplishments are that of being a mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

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Tisha Roberson  Information & Referral Call Responder


Tisha is a woman in long term recovery. What this means to her is, she has not used alcohol or any other drug since July 26, 2014. During active addiction, Tisha was granted unconditional love by many. She began her professional journey with hopes of passing that love on to anyone willing to receive it. While on her awesome journey of recovery, she has been certified as a NC Peer Support Specialist and she is slated to graduate from Wake Technical Community College in May 2019 with an Associates Degree in Human Services & Substance Use Disorder Counseling.  "If I can inspire one person to not give up, I have done my job of being the change I want to see in the world."