Struggling with Alcohol / Drug use?

Brenda Monforti, QP, RCP

Director, NCNG SBIRT Voucher Program





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What kind of help does this program provide?

Screening and appropriate referrals to support services for alcohol/drug misuse.

How do I get help?

Step 1 - Identify the problem. Do you struggle with misusing alcohol/drugs?

Step 2 - Give us a call

Step 3 - We find a counselor in your area based on your zip code

Step 4 - A counselor in your area will do an assessment to help find out the best method of help for your situation

NC National Guard

The primary goal of this program is to provide no cost, confidential assistance to improve service member’s access to quality drug assessments in order to help military organizations determine fitness for duty and to coordinate the assessments and additional services as needed.

North Carolina Institute of Medicine. Honoring Their Service: A Report of the North Carolina Institute of Medicine Task Force on Behavioral Health Services for the Military and Their Families. Morrisville, NC: North Carolina Institute of Medicine; 2011


Q: I need help with stopping use of substances. Can I request a no-cost voucher for myself?

A: YES: At any time you can Self-Refer and request a voucher! In fact, being proactive is commendable.

Q: If I request a no-cost voucher for myself, will my National Guard chain of command be notified?

A: NO: Your National Guard chain of command is NOT notified when you seek help/assistance on your own.  They are only notified if use of the program is mandated due to a unit administered positive urinalysis. 


Q: I am going through the ADC separation process due to a positive result on a unit administered urinalysis. Will I get a no-cost voucher to help me get the assessment I need?

A: YES - The Alcohol Drug Control Office (ADCO) will request a mandatory voucher on your behalf.

Q: I have a family member I am concerned about. Can I request a no-cost voucher for them?

A: Not at this time although we are working on adding this benefit for your family members soon.


Q: I completed the assessment using a no-cost voucher and I have been recommended for Brief Interventions. Will I get continued support to allow me to receive these Brief Interventions?

A: YES: If your provider recommends you get follow-up Brief Interventions, a no-cost Brief Intervention voucher will be assigned so you can get those services at no cost too.

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